Free tokens on Chaturbate

Chaturbate has become really fast the best adult webcam site on the internet. Despite the similarity with and all the things they have in common, Chaturbate is truly FREE for sign up an account to broadcast or chat with sexy models without even submitting an email address or a bank account!
Also, Chaturbate has the best free tokens programs of any:

Earn tokens by broadcasting:
If you want to earn tokens for being in the front of your cam, make an account here than in your account click on "Broadcast yourself" button.

Earn tokens by referring friends:
If you have an website, a blog, or a lot of friends, you can use the links from the affiliate program to referr new members, models or webmasters. Click here for more information

Earn tokens by increasing your spending limits
If you are already a member, all you have to do is to complete the Credit Card Authorization Form to increase your spending limit. If you're not a member, you can become one totally free, click here! By doing than, you can help them to prevent credit card fraud! So this is one white ball to your karma :)

Earn tokens by writing apps
If you know Javascript, you can create apps like "Tip Goal" and "King of Tips". If you write an app that becomes featured, you will win 500 tokens

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Chaturbate is dowm

"This webpage is not available" : if you get this error or no page load, than Chaturbate is down!

The average downtime Chaturbate experienced each time is usually from 2-3 minutes to an hour at most. Chaturbate downtime has become more frequent because of 2 reasons: 
  1. Explosive growth of Chaturbate put a load on the servers which it can't handle
  2. Many new features that Chaturbate is releasing each day

"Not authorized" : if you get this error, than your account or IP is banned!

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Banned from Chaturbate

Chaturbate is one of the top live webcam sites on the internet. Recently chaturbate has been expanding at an extreme rate.
As a result, the abuse has taken place. Chaturbate has recently developed a system of automatic banning which has a list of reasons it can ban for. 

Reasons you could been banned from Chaturbate:

  • A non verified person appears on your live webcam broadcast
  • You logged in from another IP address than your normal one
  • You logged into multiple member accounts with 1 IP address
  • Your profile has links to competing webcam site
  • You broadcasted a recorded webcam stream and didnt disclose
  • Your profile has links to personal blogs, personal websites that contains adv to competin webcam site

What to do if you are banned from Chaturbate:

  • If you know the reason you were banned take steps to rectify the problem
  • Remove any link to competing webcam site ( ie: myfreecams ) from your profile, blog or website 
  • If you have multiple accounts, delete all but one account
  • Send an email request to chaturbate support requesting the ban be lifted
  • Broadcast from your normal location

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Access denied on Chaturbate

Why I can see Access Denied message on Chaturbate ?

1. The model has banned you.
2. The model has banned your country.
3. The model use a password to have a show with who she wants.
4. has some problems, but will be ok in a few hours.

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